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More really bad fanfiction from me!

Title: Identity
Rating: PG
Challenge: n/a, sorry :(
Word Count: 100
Corset: One for Tom >:)
Notes: Yes, I'll admit that I was sort of inspired by girly_vamp's and bellatrick's drabbles of a somewhat similar nature. Sincerest apologies all around.

Sometimes, Mina would mention to him in passing that he reminded her of her former husband, whose name she never spoke of. Griffin never ceased to prattle on of how he reminded him of some doctor named Kemp, giddily regaling to him all the "interesting things" he did to him after his supposed death. British Intelligence, of course, only saw Edward Hyde and the destruction he could evoke for the greater good of the Empire.

He remembered asking Nemo once as to who he was; the other had said he was "No-one."

In Jekyll's case, he was everyone. Except himself.
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