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Challenge #2

title: An Admission, of Sorts
Challenge: #2
Top Hats: give 'em both to Dorian
Word count: Exactly 100 with the song lines.
Notes: The lyrics are from Live's I Alone. This will likely be a scene in The Two Faces of Dorian Gray eventually.

“What don’t you understand, Mr. Gray? Tom asked.

“The part where you stare at me with adoring eyes, but shun my advances, Thomas,” Dorian growled.

“I’m afraid, Dorian!” Tom half-shouted. “I ain’t never been with no one like you before.”

“That’s no matter, Thomas. We must all face our fears. The simple fact is, out of everyone on this ship, I alone love you. I alone tempt you to my side each day. Your fear is not the end of this.”

“Did you just say that you loved me?”

Dorian paused, smoking his cigarette, before saying, “I suppose I did.”
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