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Last Week's Winner and Challenge Number Three!

Last week's winner ( challenge #2 ) for the most top hats ( and I have to admit he would look good in them ) is...

Dorian Gray.

So we are all Dorianlicious this week with the icon and comments. I'm still looking for icon makers.

We actually had corsetters ( is that even a word? ) this week. It's a tie between...

Tom Sawyer and Mina Harker/Murray.

The potential movie couple get to wear matching outfits. Yey. xD

The challenge for this week:

Game challenge!

These can be actual games, mind games, or a game that you invented yourself. Let your imagination run wild, my people! xD

Top Hats - This week, you will only be able to get one top hat if you write for the challenge and the drabble is exactly a 100 or 250 words. Because I can't come up with anything witty for two. ^^;

Corsets - Same as before. You may give a corset to your character of choice if your drabble is not exactly a 100 or 250 words or/and is not a challenge drabble.

Let the games begin.
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Heee, and to think I felt bad that I didn't stuff the ballot box more for Dorian. *sniggle* And I can make icons if you want.
I'd be more than happy to make icons :) Although not for next week because I'll be packing for camp then.