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Dorian Drabble

Disclaimer: Oscar Wilde owns Dorian Gray. I abuse the character to no profit.
Rating: PG
Author: V. F. Weasel
Summary: A moment in glass. Word count, 229.
Corsets: Tom
Title: Mirror, Mirror

It’s amazing how, when one looks into it long enough, a mirror can seem like a painting, an elaborate and life - like reflection of a moment in time. Dorian loves mirrors – loves to see his face reflected in them, and loves to study the way his expressions contort his face. He spends hours making sure that the smirk stays frozen across petulant lips, that the arrogance is displayed in large print in the perfectly plucked brow, that nothing in his face marks him as a member of humanity other than its shape and species.

Dorian loves his mirrors almost as much as he loves himself. He likes to think of it as looking at his painting – the real painting, before it began to show the truth, or before the truth began to become something beastly and hideous on display in a gilded frame.

He knows the mirror is lying – it’s his favorite part of this routine. It’s taught him something he’s suspected for a long time – that lies are beautiful. After all, art is the greatest lie ever told – and the only lie worth telling. And what lie could be more beautiful than the painting in the glass of a man who is really a god?
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