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Re-posted (er, in right place this time) Movie line/quote drabble.

Title: God Bless Africa
Rating: U
Words: 250 (sans footnote)
Top hats to: Mina and Allan.
Challenge: Movie line/quote.
Line from: Angel Heart (1987)

The old witch-doctor had been waiting outside the Imperial Hotel in Nairobi for almost an hour when she finally appeared, still garbed head-to-toe in mourning black. Mina didn’t speak whichever language he gibbered, but his meaning was clear enough: he wanted her to follow him.
It was sunset when they arrived by cart at the site of Quatermain’s makeshift grave, and once again she was touched by Sawyer’s meaningful tribute – the lone Winchester atop the earth. Earth which now seemed curiously scorched…
As the witch-doctor performed his ritual, the old hunter’s words returned to haunt her: ‘Africa will not let me die.’ Could it be, she wondered, that such a sentiment might have some supernatural implication? After all, she was herself testimony to the potential vagaries of presumed mortality.
The last rays of the sun cast a pinkish light across the graveyard and the charred remains of the Britannia Club. It was, Mina thought, both a terrible and beautiful scene. However, her reflections were interrupted by a tangible rumbling as the ground they stood upon began to shake violently.
“What…what is happening?” she asked. The witch-doctor turned to her and smiled broadly.
“Oonah, kalifa!” he cried.
The rumbling intensified, shifting the cross bearing the adventurer’s name. Without hesitation, Mina ran to the cart to fetch a shovel.
Together, she and the witch-doctor uncovered the crude coffin, prising off its lid.
Quatermain’s eyes flickered open.
“Alive?” he rasped.
Mina smiled fondly.
“The future isn’t what it used to be, Mister Q.”

Footnote: Huge thanks to Bellatricks for the inspiration (And Moony Girl for techie help. Hopeless LJ newbie, here...). The last line is the quote, with ‘Q’ substituted for ‘Angel’.
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