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Hello there.

Refer to subject. I'm new here. And I've already got a fan fiction to submit. Heh. Well, anyway, here it is.

Title: Comfort
Rating: G
Challenge: Movie Line/Quote
Line from: 'Star Trek: First Contact'
Words: Exactly 250
Top hats: Two to Jekyll

"We don't have much time! Quick, hurry!" he could hear Skinner shouting from across the room. His leg was injured, and he only had a minute more, before the bomb went off. "This is no time to argue about time! Go, Skinner! I'll manage without you!" he shouted back, not wanting to risk his friend's life. "No, Jekyll! Come on!" replied the invisible man. After waiting for less than a second, he had this awful feeling that Jekyll won't make it out quickly enough. He rushed forward to help him out, but it was too late. Just as Skinner left the building, a loud BOOM could be heard and glass shards flew everywhere. The ceiling fell apart. The entire building was collapsing and Jekyll was trapped in it. Skinner didn't know what to do. He could only stand there, helpless, and watch as the building engulf in flames.

In the Nautilus' Sickbay…
"Skinner?" a weak voice called out. Skinner jumped a little, startled. "Thank god you're alive, Doc!" he exclaimed, obviously relieved. "I thought I was going to lose you," he added softly.

"I told you I could manage it," Jekyll whispered and mustered a weak smile.

"You shouldn't have volunteered to go," Skinner said.

"Well, you shouldn't have volunteered either," Jekyll retaliated.

"I -" Skinner started, but he knew not what to say. "It doesn't matter now. All that matters is that, you're alive and well. I'll never leave you on your own again."

Doctor Henry Jekyll only smiled.
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