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Um, hello. The pen name is Batdz Angel and fanfiction is my game of choice. ~.^ I've recently started to write little drabbles of Dorian/Tom and was delighted to discover this community. Anyway, I'll let you all read my first drabble...


~ * ~

Title: Fascinating
Rating: PG, for some smooching. ^^;
Challenge: None, I don't think. I haven't looked at any past challenges. Let me know if it applies...
Word Count: Exactly 250
Corsets: Eh, give it Dorian.

Dorian studied the man for a moment before crushing his cigarette. “What can I do for you young Sawyer?” he asked calmly. Tom shuffled his feet and said awkwardly, “Um, I was...that is...if you could...?”

With a roll of his eyes, the immortal stood and said, “If this has anything to do with Mina-“

“No! No, it’s not about Ms. Harker,” Tom said flustered. “I just...”

“Admire me?” Dorian smirked as he leaned forward slightly. “Well, young Thomas, I must admit I’m flattered.”

“That’s not it!” Tom said his cheeks red, giving him a lovely appearance.

“Well, then what is it?”

“I’m in love with you!”

Dorian blinked and Tom blushed harder until he resembled a strawberry. Calmly, trying to ignore the pounding of his heart, Dorian said, “Ah. Well, that is a...”

Tom shut his eyes in dread.

“A fascinating discovery,” Dorian drawled smiling as Tom’s eyes snapped open in shock. “I think I’ll explore this discovery further...”

Leaning forward, he gave the younger man a kiss. Tom’s mind reeled at the feeling as Dorian coaxed his lips open with his tongue, causing the younger man to grip his coat at the shockingly good sensation.

When he pulled away, Tom was staring at him with bright green eyes and Dorian was suddenly besieged with the urge to pull him into his arms and never let him go. He opted to grin and kiss the other man again, enjoying the way his hands tangled themselves into the golden locks of hair.

~ * ~

Well, let me know what you think!

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