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League of Drabbles

Are you up to the challenge?

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This community is for the fans of LXG to gather and write drabbles about the League or whatnot.

What are "drabbles"? - These are usually short pieces that are a 100 words or 250 words, although 100 words is most common and encouraged in this community.

What is LXG? - LXG, otherwise known as LoeG, is "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen". It's originally a comic book by Allan Moore from DC comics, but recently it has been made into a motion picture by FOX. It's a story about famous literary figures from 19th century literature that team up with fight dangers that threaten the English Empire.

Challenges - A challenge will be issued every Friday, although you do not need to write for the challenge to post. Yet it's greatly encouraged that you do.

"Top Hats" - Every time someone meets a challenge and the drabble is either exactly a 100 words ( or 250 ), you can give a "top hat" to a character of your choice. Every week, the number of top hats per character will be counted and a winner will be announced. This character will have an icon made and posted as the default picture for that week.

"Corsets" - When a drabble is written that is either not a challenge, not exactly a 100 words ( or 250 ) or both, you can give a "corset" to a character of choice. The number of corsets will be counted at the end of the week and the corset-bearer announced. This is just mostly for silly fun.

Slash - This community is highly open to slash along with het. It's encouraged, even. If that's not your cup of tea, you might want to reconsider joining.

Basic Format for Posting - When posting, there is no real specific format, but there are a few things that I'd appreciate if you included. These are: title ( if you have one ), rating, challenge or not ( if so, what challenge it is ), word count, and top hat/corset to characters. Also, livejournal cuts are encouraged, especially if it contains some explicit or violent content.

Wanted - People to make icons for the characters chosen each week as the top hat winner. More members, too, of course!

Now, drabble for Queen and Country!