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Rating: G
Challenge: #2
Word Count: 250
Notes: Well, I was going for the overall feeling of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and how it seems to shed light on the souls of men. If’n you don’t think it meets the challenge then slap a corset on Skinner. If you think it’s worthy then add another fashionable top hat to Dorian’s collection. Oh, and, you know me, this will end up being in The Two Faces of Dorian Gray at some point.

“I didn’t know that you could play, Mr. Gray,” Captain Nemo said as he stepped into his living room and found Dorian seated at his piano. “I also don’t recall giving you permission to enter my private quarters”

“I do apologize,” Dorian said, stepping away from the piano. “I have missed music so dreadfully this past week.”

“I was unaware that you were such a fan, but you should have asked first. However, being that you are already here, Sir, you might as well make good use of the opportunity.”

Dorian nodded his head in thanks and took his seat on the bench once more. His hands rested gracefully on the keys and began to slowly tap out Beethoven. Within moments a bomb could have exploded next to him and he would not have even noticed. Music was the one pure thing in his life and when it claimed him, there were no distractions. Anyone that would argue that the man had no soul left would be proven wrong if they heard him play. For, indeed, it not only proved of the existence of a soul in him, but was an example of the perfection of the thing.

Nemo took a seat nearby and watched the young man play. For the first time since he had made Dorian’s acquaintance, he understood why the fellow was, in fact, extraordinary. It had little to do with the man’s invulnerability, but rather his ability to completely enamour all who come within his sphere.
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