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As you can see, we had no challenge submissions for the last challenge. So, we don't have a winner. But we do have a corsetter. ...Is that even a word? Anyway, it's:

Tom Sawyer.

The challenge for this week:

Movie line/quote challenge!

I think it's pretty self-explanitory. You incorporate a quote or line from a movie into the drabble you write.

Top Hats - If you write a drabble with a movie quote/line that's a 100 or 250 words WITHOUT the quote/line, then it's one top hat. If you write the drabble that's a 100 or 250 words WITH the quote/line, it's two top hats.

Corsets - Same as before. You may give a corset to your character of choice if your drabble is not exactly a 100 or 250 words or/and is not a challenge drabble.

I hope we'll have more drabbles this time around.
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