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Hi! I'm new, and this is my brand spanking new drabble, written just for you guys. ^___^ Hope you like it!

Title: Some Scotch
Rating: PG-13 (maybe? I'm terrible at ratings)
Words: 100
Top Hats to: Dorian & Mina
Challenge: Movie Line
Line from: American Pie

Mina looked over at Tom, her smile not reaching her eyes. Tom had been watching her closely since they had boarded the Nautilus after the burial of Quatermain.

She said to him, as he stood in the doorway to her room, "I've got some scotch."

"Single malt?" he asked, sauntering into the room.

The smile widened, and she nodded, pouring some into a shot glass for him, "Aged eighteen years, just the way I like it." She handed him the glass, her fingers lingering on his for a moment, and then the moment was over, and they drank in complete silence.
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