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Pairing: M/Dorian (am developping a fetish XD)
Rating: PG13
Words: 100
Challenge: #? Movie line one
Line from: Moulin Rouge
Top hats: to Dorian, and can I give one to the Duke M? ;)

M doesn't like people touching his things. That's why he nearly goes mad with jealousy every time he looks at Dorian. He knows his unwilling ally has not an ounce of proper respect for him; knows that Dorian, beautiful as he is, is really nothing but a self-indulgent slut. M has always known of Dorian's affair with Mina Harker, and he suspects that during the voyage, Gray tried his hand at seducing the young American boy. M could just smell that peculiar almost-innocent scent on Dorian's body the other night.
Envy can be a powerful ally. M will not fail.
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