Doctor Henry Jekyll (henry_jekyll) wrote in lxg_100,
Doctor Henry Jekyll

The Beginning

(Author's Note: I just want to apologise for submitting so many drabbles in one day. It's just that I have had a lot of inspiration today, and I don't want to let the opportunity slip.)

Title: The Beginning
Rating: G
Challenge: Movie Line/Quote
Line from: 'Star Wars: The Phantom Menace'
Words: Exactly 100
Top hats: You know... Jekyll, of course...

This is not the worst moment of my life. Nor is it the best. I sense something… something elusive. I have no idea what it was. Just being here without any answers make me uneasy. What is it that something in my mind is telling me? Why is this happening to me? Pacing around, I contemplate this. I accidentally took a glance at the glass opposite me. Where my reflection is supposed to be, a hideous creature stands in its place.

Hello, Henry. I'm Edward Hyde, and I'm sorry to say, I am part of you.

My world turned black.
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